“Today, best practices include independent input.  Investors look for managers that engage an outside compliance expert for periodic assessment; and also for ongoing support if internal resources are lean.”
– Fizza Khan, CEO

Calibrates Compliance Best Practices with Business Realities

Silver aligns compliance processes with regulator and investor expectations yet guards against unmanageable complexity

  • Silver knows blind adoption of best practices will not bring success
  • Recognizing various ways to comply with a regulation’s intent, we innovate to find sustainable approaches in line with best practices
  • In monitoring established compliance programs, Silver calibrates by testing for both gaps and inefficiencies

Understands Life from the Inside

As former insiders, the Silver team has an innate sense for how investment firms function

  • Silver gets to know a firm quickly and intuitively considers the direct and indirect business impact of compliance
  • We simplify complexities, focusing on a regulation’s relevance to a client

Our Services are Deep and Broad

Silver makes regulation less daunting and maintaining a culture of compliance more realistic

  • Silver does the heavy-lifting, carrying out the routine and most time-consuming compliance tasks
  • We act as our clients’ bank of deep regulatory and market knowledge

Responsive and Proactive

Taking ownership, Silver follows through on deliverables and anticipates compliance issues

  • Silver answers questions, even tricky ones, and continually probes for regulatory implication
  • Our clients are “in the know” because we take the extra step to explain the basis of our advice and industry developments