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May 12, 2023

Replay of New Marketing Rule Panel Discussion

Silver’s CEO, Fizza Khan, participated in a panel discussion on Thursday, May 4th to break down the SEC’s new marking rule and explain how fund managers can educate themselves and comply with the new seven principles-based rule in order to stay off the SEC’s radar. Here is a link to the abridged version of the discussion along with some key takeaways.
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May 2, 2023

Silver Hosts Webinar Titled “The 2023 Banking Crisis: What’s Next?”

 Fizza Khan, Silver’s CEO, is hosting a webinar titled, “2023 Banking Crisis: What’s Next?” on Tuesday, May 16th at 1 pm ET that will address what private fund managers can expect next from the fallout of the 2023 banking crisis. Joining her is Joe Fenech, Chief Investment Officer at GenOpp Capital Management, and Brad Caswell, Partner at Linklaters LLP.
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December 8, 2022

Silver Discusses Crypto on Emerging Manager’s Podcast

Silver’s CEO, Fizza Khan, appears in episode 10 of the Emerging Manager Exchange podcast, titled “The Regulatory Impact of the FTX Collapse: Tips for Staying Compliant in These Uncertain Times,” where she discusses the regulatory pain points of the FTX collapse and the ways crypto managers can protect their clients, investments and themselves against regulatory scrutiny.