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Silver Speaking at AIMA’s Putting ESG Into Practice Event

By August 25, 2023No Comments

2023 has brought about an ever-evolving landscape of ESG related trends, tools and regulatory pressures that private fund managers must be cognizant of if they want to stay out of the crosshairs of U.S. regulators.

To help managers better understand the complete picture when it comes to remaining compliant with current ESG regulations in the U.S., Silver’s Managing Director & Head of ESG Strategy, Trysha Daskam, will be hosting a breakout session at AIMA’s event, “Putting ESG into Practice 2023,” in London on September 7th. The session, scheduled for 11:00 am BST and 3:00 pm BST, is titled “The Roadmap to ESG Compliance in 2023” and will focus on the following key themes:

  • Getting up to speed on the SEC
  • “Living with ESG” – What our clients face
  • What to expect in ESG for the remainder of 2023

For More Information on the Conference Click Here