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Introducing Silver’s Educational Hub

By March 8, 2024No Comments

After a challenging year in 2023, 2024 brings with it much anticipation around the enactment of many significant regulatory proposals from the SEC that will create many challenges and impact the way private fund managers and registered investment advisers conduct business. From rules governing areas as: transparency in reporting and recordkeeping;, examination and enforcement trends;, ESG and climate disclosures;, cybersecurity;, cryptocurrency;, artificial intelligence; and the ways in which registered funds are marketed to investors, there is much at stake this year as the SEC works to issue guidance that will help investment advisers deliver accurate and reliable data to investors so they can make informed investment decisions. 

However, with so much in the air right now, and many new updates likely coming down the pike throughout the course of the year, Silver has launched a new subscriber based educational video series that will explain in simple terms what registered investment advisers, and especially private fund managers, need to understand about these new, or amended, regulations and best practices for maintaining a compliant regulatory program and mitigating the risk of examination and enforcement actions brought down by the SEC.

We Promise to Be Precise, Different, Interesting, Educational and Not Boring!

Similar to the “Silver Salon Series,” Silver’s Educational Hub has been created with the intent to deliver important updates on top-of-mind topics and issues in a different and more impactful way than what is available out there in the marketplace. 

Firstly, the content in the hub will be presented primarily in video form, which we hope will help bring to life the subject matter at hand while also allowing viewers to see the dedication, passion and precision with which the Silver team examines and opines on the regulatory updates coming down from the SEC. There will be two types of videos available on the educational hub: (1) longer form, fireside chat or webinar type videos that will break down the ins and outs of regulatory updates and best practices for private fund managers to consider implementing in their compliance and ESG programs;, and (2) short teaser videos that are more casual in nature and will provide a brief overview of a given topic. 

We promise not to be boring! To that end, we will be utilizing different video styles to share with viewers depending on the topic and the preference of the subject matter expert. This means that you might see videos that feature just one person breaking down a topic on their own;, a panel discussion featuring outside collaborators;, webinars on specific trends that are top-of-mind for Silver’s clients; and more casual fireside chats, or Q&As, between two Silver team members or one Silver team member and a third party thought leader. Whatever the format, we will endeavor to bring interesting, more informal, yet high quality videos to your inbox that will address key challenges and trends that impact the way you do business and provide actionable steps to help firms position their compliance programs for success in 2024. 

Additionally, the educational hub will be subscription-based content, meaning you have to sign-up to receive these high-quality, informative video segments on the most important issues that affect your business. Once you subscribe to the educational hub, you will receive emails with new videos when they drop and you will have access to our archived video content, which will not be available to non-subscribers. We are open to topic suggestions from our subscribers and welcome feedback on how we can improve the content or delivery process. 

Simply put, we built this educational hub to create an easily digestible format for delivering key updates and guidance from regulators, which can often times be hard to understand and onerous to implement into existing compliance programs. We think these videos will not only allow our subscribers to better understand these very complex regulatory updates, but will also permit them to access the content at their convenience (i.e., during your commute, after dinner, over lunch, while you are exercising, etc.). 

How to Subscribe 

Every Silver client will be eligible to subscribe to Silver’s Educational Hub using this link. We also welcome industry partners, outside collaborators or otherwise interested parties to also subscribe using the aforementioned link. If the videos deliver on our promises stated above, we encourage subscribers to recommend this educational hub service to their colleagues and friends. We are always open to receiving ideas on relevant themes to address in these videos, so feel free to email us with your thoughts on trends or topics that are timely and important to you and your business. 

Ultimately, we view this as another important and necessary tool in our “regulatory compliance” toolbox that, if delivered accurately and succinctly, can help our clients, industry partners and interested parties to gain a better understanding of these complicated regulations in order to stay out of the crosshairs of the SEC. 

If you would like more information about “Silver’s Educational Hub,” or have a topic you think would be a good addition to the event, please contact Silver’s CEO, Fizza Khan ([email protected]) or any member of the Silver team ([email protected]).