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Silver Speaking at AIMA’s Global Policy & Regulatory Forum 2024

By March 14, 2024No Comments

2023 brought with it significant developments within the areas of regulatory compliance, including those related to marketing activities, cybersecurity and increased regulatory reporting standards, among other categories. Additionally, the SEC has made clear that there is increased scrutiny on private fund managers to ensure they adhere to updated regulation and regulatory guidance, which has resulted in potential focus areas during examinations by the SEC.  

To help managers better understand the complete picture when it comes to SEC examinations, Silver’s CEO, Fizza Khan, will be hosting a breakout session at AIMA’s event, “Global Policy & Regulatory Forum 2024,” in New York, NY on March 19th. The session, scheduled for 10:30 am EST, is titled “Trends in SEC Examinations” and will focus on the following key themes: 

  • Overview of SEC Exam Priorities in 2024 
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Marketing activities
    • Oversight of service providers
    • Fees and expenses
    • Information security and operational resiliency 
    • Custody
    • Strategy to apply these priorities to your compliance program (written policies and procedures, implementation of new business practices, training of adviser staff)
  • What to expect in an SEC Examination 
    • Process (from initial document request, through supplemental requests and interview, to exit interview/deficiency letter)
    • Importance of Day 1 Presentation 
  • Form ADV as a Roadmap
    • Importance of accurate disclosures on annual amendment to Form ADV
    • Common mistakes in disclosing your advisory business
    • Highly scrutinized Items on the Form ADV

For More Information on the Conference Click Here