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Key Takeaways from Silver’s “How to Build a Crypto Fund” Webinar

By September 12, 2022No Comments

Silver’s CEO, Fizza Khan, recently sat down with Dave Rothschild, Partner at Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP and Scott Hershorin, VP of Operations & CCO at Dragonfly Capital, in a webinar titled, “How to Build a Crypto Fund: a Brief Discussion,” to share their experiences with structuring crypto funds.



Fizza, Dave and Scott dig into the pressing issues that impact crypto fund formation from a regulatory, legal and investment manager’s perspective. Some of the key themes covered during the course of the conversation include:

  • Discussion of the “Crypto winter” and whether now is the time to launch a fund
  • Update on the recent regulatory and legal matters that managers need to be aware of
  • Brief explanation of the due diligence process and why it is more important now more than ever
  • Closer look at the regulatory ambiguity in the space and what this means for managers who are trying to launch a fund now and/or incorporate crypto into an existing strategy
  • Insight on experience with forming a crypto fund, including defining terms, selecting service providers, bolstering operations, tax implications, increased questions around Terra Luna and how it has impacted things, and counterparty risk
  • Best practices/common pitfalls to keep in mind before, during and after a fund launch