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Replay of Webinar on the FTX Collapse and its Regulatory Impact

By December 14, 2022No Comments

As the repercussions of the FTX collapse continue to reverberate through global financial markets, Silver’s CEO, Fizza Khan, and Josh Scheffey, Sales Director at Ledger Enterprise Platform, recently sat down in a webinar titled, “Crypto After the FTX Collapse: The Spark Needed to Light the SEC’s Regulatory Fire,” to discuss the aftermath of FTX’s breakdown and what this means for crypto managers now and into the future.

More specifically, Fizza and Josh dig into the regulatory pain points of the FTX collapse and offer their insights on how crypto managers can protect themselves against regulatory scrutiny in these uncertain times. Some of the key themes covered during the course of the conversation include:

  • An overview of where things currently stand with crypto and digital assets from a regulatory point of view in the wake of FTX’s collapse;
  • An evaluation of regulatory considerations and how to navigate through this uncertain landscape; and
  • Tips for mitigating risks in the future.