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Will Carlyle, KKR’s Climate Data Burden Become a Fundraising Edge?

By August 31, 2022No Comments

Silver’s Managing Director & Head of ESG Strategy, Trysha Daskam, recently spoke with FundFire’s Tom Stabile about the impact of the SEC’s proposed climate disclosure rule on large publicly traded managers like Carlyle, KKR, Blackstone Group and TPG.

Commenting on this trend, Trysha notes that the proposed rule would mandate a significant amount of reporting, which some firms today conduct on their own. For most managers, however, such reporting is currently voluntary, and the SEC’s rule would be a major shift. “It will be an overwhelming amount of data required in the near term for managers that have not had that obligation to evaluate and disclose climate-related [data],” she said.

Trysha goes on to say that past SEC practice suggests that publicly traded managers will likely have to provide data on the companies they control through majority ownership. “They should expect to bear the burden to [produce] the data required,” she stated.

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